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 her oeuvre is often a mix of realism, abstractions, expressionism and surrealism







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The artpainter is familiar with a lot of styles and genres. Often her work is a mix of currents, resulting in unique, attractive, lively arts. By distortion, exaggeration, and a lively, dynamic application of the colors, she forges emotion, fantasy and reality into a harmonious unity, resulting in unique, compelling, thought-provoking art.

Sometimes colours and shapes are filtered through the emotions of the artist and the viewer still sees back the source from which she started. Just look at paintings from the series "Tomcat's Party", or her cityscapes from the series "Paris".

An other time the artist goes one step further and the relationship with reality is much less; emotion and imagination dominate. However, the attentive viewer will find back the echo of what was the starting piont of the work. These are paintings that intrigue the viewer, metaphoric, grotesque, like the series "Ural Motives", and in a somewhat different way, the Acrylic: "sea-land-Gull"

When you look at her paintings "Eneuch's Dream" and "Flight", you'll see a more stylized reality that supports her feelings. The artist visualizes her emotions and responses that events arouse in her through distortion, exaggeration, and unique use of colour.

Sometimes the objects are presented in a very personal way; the composition consists of wild patterns; bold, bright or unusual colors are used. See, for example, the acrylic painting "Mirror Carp", and the monotype "Konik Horse"

Sulpan is also no stranger in the realistic genre. See for example the classical conditioned portrait "Grandma Muslima," the oil "self portrait", the landscape painting "Old Oak" and the still lifes: Oranges (Monotype) and (Acrylic).


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