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2014   All-Russian ethno-Art Symposium      “Tanyp su”                          Buraevo (Russia)
2013   Personal exhibition "Orange Wine and Music" show-room Super Stereo Moscow (Russia)
2013   Int.Art Festival    “Schilderfestival Noordwijk”                  Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2012   Art- exhibition      "Art of contemporary Ural artists"            Geneva   (Switzerland)
2012   Int.Art Festival          "In het licht van Walcheren"                Domburg (Netherlands)
2012   VII  international art Symposium "Lullaby"                            Elabuga  (Russia)
2012   The exhibition at the art gallery         "Fransastic"            Utrecht (the Netherlands)
2012    Interregional Exhibition   "Day of Art"                                 Tilburg (Netherlands)
2011    Int.Art Festival                 "Villa Herzogenrath"                        Aachen (Germany)

2011     Solo exhibition                "Silver Drops"                            Geffen (Netherlands)
2011     Interregional Exhibition  "Shuraleh and I", Kazan, Ufa,            Moscow (Russia)
2011     National Art Exhibition   "Big Volga                                         Saransk. (Russia)
- Volga republics of the art"
2010    State Exhibition               "65 years of great victory."                    Ufa (Russia)
Federative Exhibition       "Portraits"                                              Ufa (Russia)
2010    Federative Exhibition       "Election"                                               Ufa (Russia)
2008    Personal exhibition                                                                  Moscow (Russia)
2006    Federative Exhibition      "60 Years of Victory!"                      Moscow (Russia)
2006    Personal exhibition.         "The river of life"                     Krasnousolsk (Russia)
2005    UNESCO exhibition         "Dialogue of Civilizations "       Russia (Ufa - Moscow)
                                                                                                             Belarus (Minsk)
                                                                                           Germany (Berlin - Dresden)
                                                                     France (Strasbourg - Paris - Lyon - Brest)
                                                                                                         Poland (Warsaw )
2005    Palace Paul Garcia         "Gift of Bashkortostan"                          Lyon (France)
2005    State exhibition       "Contemporary art of Bashkortostan"Ekaterinburg (Russia)
2004    Regional Exhibition       "30 years of graphic arts"                         Ufa (Russia)
2004    State Exhibition           "70 years of Union of Artists"                   Ufa (Russia)
2003    Federal exhibition        "Directory of artists from Russia."       Moscow (Russia)
2003    State Exhibition           "Ural-2003".                                Ekaterinburg (Russia)
2002    State Exhibition           "Devoted to world war II                           Ufa (Russia)
2002    Federal  Exhibition      "Young Bashkir artists."                              Ufa (Russia)

2001    Federal Exhibition.       "Young Russian Artists"                        Moscow (Russia)
2001    State Exhibition           "Show graphics".                                        Ufa (Russia)
2001    State Exhibition           “Urban Spring”                                           Ufa (Russia)
2000    Personal exhibition.     "I'm from the world of childhood"              Ufa
2000    State exhibition          “White River-III”                                         Ufa(Russia)
1999    Regional Exhibition      "425 anniversary of Ufa."                           Ufa (Russia)
1999    Regional Exhibition      "25 years of graphic arts"                           Ufa (Russia)
1999    Exhibition of books and magazines   "World Book"                         Ufa. (Russia)
1999    International Biennial of illustration “Golden Pen".                 Serbia (Belgrado)
                                                                                                                  UK (London) 
1995    World Bashkir Congress   "Artists Bashkirs"                                    Ufa (Russia)



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