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The art painter

Sulpan Bilalova is born in 1965 in Ufa (State Bashkortostan), Russia. She is a graduate from the Graphic Art Faculty of the Bashkir State University (1987). Sulpan is a versatile artist working in Russia and the Netherlands. Her hands are equally skilled with brush, and pencil. She creates both grafic-art (monotypes) and paintings based on oil, acrylic, aquarelle, gouache and even ordinary felt-tip pens and crayons.

Her inspiration sources

The art painter finds the topics for her paintings in the surrounding world. The momentum can be both ordinary and extraordinary events. It is as if she writes her response with her brush, on the canvas. By association and adding a fair amount of imagination, thoughts and feelings, completely unexpected developments and decisions lead to the birth of unique very poetic art.

Her painted message

Sulpan carefully selects the titles of her paintings, to express in a few words her perception of nature and life. The title, often is a metaphor, and only gives a hint to the direction. The viewer interprets the painting on the level of consciousness and sub-consciousness, experiencing the same emotions of the author. Most valuable of her paintings is the ability to arouse feelings in a stranger, find an echo in his soul. Sulpan Bilalova does; apparently without effort, simply and naturally. 
It’s not a coincidence that her monotypes oilpaintings acrylic paintings, aquarelles and pastels are sold to people of different ages, faiths, and nationalities.


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